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One Room Challenge Week 2: Laundry Room Mood Board Inspo

Updated: May 29, 2020

I’ve always enjoyed seeing mood boards. I’ve done a few for my business; to get a product collection together, to get a styled theme together, but it has always been the one that was more of manual type. You know, where you would cut up images of items from magazines, print color references and anything of interest to get a good visual inspiration and paste/pin up on a foam board type. These are still being done, right?

What’s a mood board by the way? It is a collection of visual items you put together to convey the style and the mood you’re aspiring for. In my case, I’m using this mood board to create a vision of how I would like our laundry room space to be updated. Right now, it is a white plain room with the builder’s wire shelving in it and vinyl textured brown floors. Not pretty.

For the One Room Challenge, I, for the first time, put together a mood board on an app! It’s not like I’m technically challenged, Friends. I just have not needed to put an inspo board together digitally. So, I quickly polled some of my ORC Friends that I met on Instagram and there was a slew of suggestions. I opted for the Canva app that is free to use, one that I already had installed on my phone and one that I had some experience in using.

This is what I came up with for our Laundry Room Makeover and here’s the thought process behind it:

Wall Paper. This is a huge part of our small laundry room makeover and this is what I’m most in love with here. I added some color swatches to show you what colors I’m playing with for the wallpaper.

Cabinets in a Gray Color. We are planning on adding two cabinets in the space and I think it would look awesome in another color other than white. Add some brass colored cabinet handles and we’re golden!

Marble Floor Tile: Although what we found is also vinyl, it so much more glamorous than what we currently have, it's also a peel and stick one. This was such an awesome find at our local Lowe’s store. Marble look? Sign me up!

Greenery. Well, simply because, I love rooms with plants.

Wood Sign. This Washer wood sign is a vintage find that I love. I’m definitely keeping and using it in the laundry room makeover.

Photo Inspo. I showed this beautiful laundry room inspiration on my blog on Week 1. My mind is on overload on what I want to do in our laundry room space and every time I look at Kelly’s laundry room makeover, it grounds me and this photo affirms what I love about her laundry room and what I need to do in ours.

I am constantly referring to my mood board. It truly does help keep me on track. It’s okay to change a few things on it as you work through your project and update your mood board. That’s part of being creative and adapting, right?

The verdict, I recommend creating one of these mood boards. Either the manual type or the digital type. You know how some things can help center you? Your mood board will center you. It will be your constant inspiration.

Feel free to send me a DM and show me your mood board. I enjoy seeing them all much more now that I’ve learned how to make them!


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