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One Room Challenge Week 1: Let’s Talk Tiny Laundry Makeover

One Room Challenge Participant! Yes, me! Ok, enough about my excitement.

We have a few rooms in our house that need TLC and because we are more of a hire it out rather than DIY It type of household, joining the ORC makes me nervous. It also makes me seem a little bit crazy. Even a bit masochistic. Ok, maybe not the last part. If I were to be an ORC Participant, it would be now. Enter the big elephant in the room, yes, I am doing a room makeover during a pandemic! Why join then? Because we need to continue to make our house a home and because I have the time. My past blogs will tell you how busy I am juggling motherhood and owning a business.

So, I decided to join this year’s One Room Challenge, sponsored by Better Homes & Garden. I chose our Laundry Room to work on. It’s tiny! It literally fits the washer, dryer, a little trash can and the not so appealing wire shelving. Oh, and you can fit the laundry basket if it’s on top of the washer or dryer or pushed against the back wall, otherwise, you won’t be able to open the laundry room door. Builders, we need bigger laundry rooms please! This is ours.

I’ve been looking for laundry room makeover ideas and just like anyone doing any makeovers, I hurry to browse both Instagram and Pinterest. There are a ton of inspiration for big laundry spaces and not a lot for small sized laundry rooms like mine. I looked at the One Room Challenge website and lo and behold, a beautiful laundry room popped up. This is it! My inspiration! This is from Kelly and she did her laundry makeover during an ORC too in 2018. I love how she made her laundry room so pretty and functional! Isn’t this amazing?

So in the next eight weeks, we will plan on updating our builder grade laundry room. Here is my checklist:

- Update the linoleum floor

- Add cabinet storage

- Add a hanging bar between storage cabinets

- Add a wall paper for a pop of color

- Add a wood countertop for the washer and dryer

- Update the lighting fixture

See you all weekly for a progress report. Wish me luck and let the fun begin!


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