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our last holiday season


Note from our Founder

Friends, it's been a joy to have my very own website and curate a collection of home decor that resonates with you. Knowing that you appreciate and embraced our collection was truly uplifting and reinforced the shared passion we have for our collection. 

As a mom raising two children and actively participating in their school community, while also managing another small business, I've found it challenging to balance these diverse responsibilities.  I believe that to ensure the success of House of Margo, I have to invest a significant amount of additional time in this endeavor to be able to offer our customers here the best selection and the best service.

I've made a challenging yet necessary choice to prioritize my time and energy on my family, community, and wholesale business. This definitely feels like the right decisi
on, but it's not a permanent farewell! You can still find me on @houseofmargo and @dekorasyongifts and I hope I see you all there!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey and supported the          House of Margo shop. Until next time, friends!

Not goodbye, just 'so long!'



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